Are you a mother with a child who has difficulty learning?

Are you a mother who doesn’t know what to do when a child doesn’t want to learn anymore?

Are you a mother looking for a solution how to make your child become a child who loves her learning activities?

If one or all of your answers to the questions above are yes, then you are now on the right page.

Having children who experience learning difficulties is not a reason not to be happy and enjoy to have them. It is not a nightmare of course. Helping children overcome their difficulties in learning, actually not only helps children find themselves, but helps you to achieve happiness with them. Children with learning difficulties do not mean stupid or not smart, it could be, they are children with super intelligence. However, the learning system they meet today still does not accommodate their special intelligence needs. It requires special attention, so that all the good potential which is hidden can arise and be useful for their own good.

Learning difficulties in children can be overcome by providing lessons in unique and different ways. It could be that the method used so far does not match the child’s learning style. This causes children to experience boredom in learning and the worst result is that children do not want to learn anymore.

Through this paper I want to introduce you to a very sophisticated program, the latest breakthrough in the world of education, where this program has proven its effectiveness and benefits.

What do you think if you see an 18-month-old child able to pronounce the English word correctly? It’s amazing, isn’t it? You are not dreaming, but this is evidence of children who have used our program called the Reading Head Start.


What is Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start is a program that will help you to accompany your child’s daily life. This program offers a very new and unique learning method in the world. By accessing the online platform, you will learn how to become the ultimate teacher, so that your child can become a star student. It is a new method that’s guaranteed to work for any child at any age

Based on proven data, the method offering help to raise the children with their reading difficulties. They will learn in 40 weeks lessons, at any age, in a digital format with a lot of fun activities that will make your children happy and love to read.

There are four levels in total. Each level consists of 10 weeks worth of lessons that will guide you to reach the succesful education. It can develop their life skills ability that will promote long term growth by improving their reading skills. This program supports various literacy skills, such as basic phonological awareness, as well as letter sounds and letter writing; learn about irregular and compound words, begin advance phonics, and many more! All of these lessons are supporting their development of literacy skills.

The children are able to track their work progress in this Reading Head Start. There are tools and resources available in each lesson (sounding cards, activity logs, picture and letter cards) and it accompanied by multiple activities and exercises.

Who is the Author of Reading Head Start Program

She is Sarah Shepard who create Reading Start Review after completing her 14+ years of teaching. She is also a wife and mother of three, who was very interested to create a program that will help children’s English learning. The history behind was start when her 6 years old son came home with a poor English grade. And she began to explore the methods how to encourage learning to be a better way.


What are the unique techniques in this Reading Head Start Program

  • Learning programs that are very fun and suitable with the child’s mental development.
  • Improving language skills in children so that they will have better communication skills.
  • Improving social interaction skills with peers and others.
  • Growing confidence in children. This is very important in the process of your child’s growth and development.
  • Helps to optimize your child’s brain development.
  • It is enjoyable reading activities both for parents and kids so that they have a good quality time together.

What kits you get in this package

  • Easy learn reading video
  • enjoyable workbooks
  • endless pages on fun reading exercises
  • Reading Head Start Certification of completion each time your kids have completing a level (the certificateis given to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence, the important thing in learning process)
  • Bonuses:
  1. Incredible Reading Shortcuts. It s a guide that will aid to lock words, deep in your child’s mind.
  2. Words Books Series that had been designed to be fun and enjoyable books.
  3. Interactive reading games. These are games that are found on the online platform that will help your child have fun as he or she reads.



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  • Very easy to use and suitable for all ages
  • Saving time. As a parent, you don’t need to spend time for personal consultations with experts dealing with children with learning difficulties
  • Saving cost. because this program consists of a lot of learning program that is compacted into effective one, you don’t need any other learning programs. Just one program as a guide to accompany your child to get fun and enjoy learning experience.
  • Comprehensive guide. Parents do not need to read too many guidebooks to overcome learning difficulties in their children.
  • Children will get a pleasant learning experience, so that they will not find any boredom in the learning process
  • Improving your child’s pronunciation of words and more terms to his or her vocabulary.
  • Since the program is designed in an enjoyable manner, your child will became interested in reading.
  • Once children feel comfort in learning, then forever they will be addicted to learning all the positive things around them which of course it will gain their life success
  • This program offers a 100% money back guarantee if there is no change in goodness in your child learninv experience
  • Get a trial package program only with a small cost, by paying 1 dollar, you can try this program within 3 days
  • This program is safe for children even though 100% it requires an internet connection.
  • This program has been designed and adapted to the psychological and brain needs suitable with each level of children age
  • This program has proven its effectiveness and benefits, so you don’t need to worry if you choose to use this program.

The right learning method is needed for children who have learning difficulties or children who have super intelligence. It needs a little attention and special techniques in assisting children who have learning experience problems. Parents and educators have to observe their students learning experience, in which it is greatly influences the learning process of children, especially in terms of language development and social interaction.

Children begin their language skills at a very young age, which is around the age of 2 years. And at the same time, children also learn by observing social interactions around them, especially how parents treat them. Here is absolutely necessary the role of parents in assisting the learning process of children. Spending enough time for children every day does not mean wasting time, but this is done precisely for the good of the parents themselves in the future. Which parent does not want the child to grow up with good language and communication skills? Which parents are not happy when they find their children have very good and responsive in interacting socially with the surrounding?

We have heard the experience that has been told by parents who have used this program, Read Head Start is a very sophisticated program for children at the beginning of the development of their literary abilities. There are no programs that pay close attention to the social, neurological, and psychological needs of the children who are able to integrate them into a learning method that is very enjoyable for both children and their parents.


What should Parents Do to Join the Reading Head Start Program

Parents have to understand how young children are growing and developing during very early ages. They need practical to taking care of their children and how to meet their needs.

Take 15 minutes per day and 3 days a week to sit along with your children to learn use this Reading Head Start Program. Parents not to be worry for losing more than 15 minutes each day, because the program has been specifically designed to be so simple and easy to use.

Observe each development of your children, make sure the kids has a pleasant learning experience through this program.

You have to get ready finding a very dramatic change in your children, of course it’s all for your goodness.
The last but not least, there is nothing amazing as being able to raise the children well and being able to set them on the path of best education.

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