All parents want their children able to read fast and well. How children learning to read requires some difficult tasks. So, you have to understand well about what children will face when learning to read such as learning how sounds are well connected to print, how they develop reading fluency, and how they construct meaning from print. For the more detailed discussion, let’s check it out!

Learning How Sounds Are Well Connected to Print

Individual letters are meaningless. That is why it is very important to learn reading. How do children learning to read? It relates to how they can blend letters and pronounce the words well. They have to understand the relation between letter and sounds. Beginners must understand about 44 phonemes (the sounds of spoken English) and 26 alphabetic letters.

This is very vital but not easy. Many children feel difficult when they learn it at the first time. It also takes much time to understand well how letters sound out. In fact, same letters sometimes have different sounds when they are used in different words. For example, the sound of “un” at the words of unity and under is clearly different. So, you have to understand well about it. If your children can learn about this fast, they will be able to read English rightly soon. In this case, your children need to listen to spoken English letters or words in often.

Reading Fluency Development

It is very important that your children understand what they read. However, they also must read fluently. So, other people who hear them will understand what your children read. That is why pronunciation is very important, too. Your children must practice reading fluently with slow speed and then they can increase the reading speed without ruling out the speed.

How children learning to read requires them to understand how to spell words. Spelling words is not easy because sometimes the same letters sound differently. In this case, children should be able to read rightly with 95% accuracy. If they can reach this level of accuracy, it means their reading can be categorized as good level.

Reading fluency cannot be separated from spelling. So, the more you learn spelling, the faster you can read fluently. You have to ask your children to practice spelling more and more. Anyway, spelling can make children know how letters sound out.

Constructing Meaning from Print

How children learn reading does not only relate to reading fluently. However, they must reach the goal. The most important goal of reading is to understand what is said. It means they must understand what they read. It relates to some factors.

First, good readers should have good vocabulary. This is the most important key to understand what they read.

Besides that, good readers also must have ability to summarize, predict, and clarify what they read. Sometimes, it works well by using questions to guide the understanding.

Then, good readers should also be fluent to employ sentence structures in the text to improve the comprehension.

If your children are able to read fluently, they can understand what they read better. To develop this skill, your children need to learn more about reading fluency, phonics, phoneme awareness, etc.

Other Factors in Understanding What Children Read

How children learning to read will affect the understanding skill. Besides that, educational background also belongs to the factors that will affect understanding skill. Anyway, learning reading is a long process. So, it cannot be done in a short time. But knowing some important tips will be very helpful to reach the goal faster.