At the beginning of his life, children experience rapid growth and development, including the development of the brain. In the early years of life, children can quickly learn and explore their surroundings. They are easier to imitate the habits of those around them. In these times the child’s brain is still developing, so the stimulation to improve children’s brain function is very necessary.

The early childhood period is a period of development in which the environment is very influential in determining the development and growth of the brain and central nervous system. The environment not only affects the number of brain cells and the number of connections but also the way connections are connected. Therefore, the environment’s support at this time must be considered. The surrounding environment that is felt by the child’s senses can provide experiences that affect children’s brain development, including sound, touch, vision, smell, food, thoughts, drugs, injuries, diseases, and other factors.

Scientifically, if the brain does not receive the right stimulation during this critical period, it will be very difficult for the brain to “reconnect” itself at a later time. Nutritional insufficiency before birth and in the first years of life can greatly disrupt brain development and cause neurological and behavioral disorders, such as learning disabilities and mental retardation.

Pressure in the early days of a child’s life can also affect brain function and children’s learning. Research shows that children who experience high levels of stress in the early years of their lives are at greater risk of experiencing difficulties in cognitive, behavioral and emotional development.

Environment and good nutrition at the beginning of a child’s life until an 8-year-old child is needed to optimize the child’s brain development. Parents can provide learning stimulation that aim to improve brain function at this time, but not to make children feel depressed.

One of learning stimulations that suitable for children especially preschooler is reading. Reading can be more fun for them if the methods are suitable with their age level.

  1. Reading while singing

Children will love learning to read especially if they learn it with singing. It will be more fun and attractive.

  1. Read Stories Before Sleep

Reading stories before going to bed have a good effect on improving a child’s memory. When children hear bedtime stories, the brain more easily stimulates the vocabulary that he sleeps with. Children who read the story have the ability to absorb vocabulary faster so that it is easier to learn reading.

  1. Wear a shirt with letter patterned

For children who are in the stage of brilliant brain development, of course this is a great opportunity for parents who want to teach various things, one of them is reading. Parents may wear letter patterned shirts for the convenience of introducing the alphabet to the little one. It will be more familiar for children with the form of letter because they often meet it on their parents’s shirt. Not only shirt or t-shirt, parents may choose various posters to put it on the wall.

  1. Read every word found on the road

Invite your child out of the house by observing various writings that are often found on the streets such as directions, billboards and much more. Although it sounds trivial, this method is believed to stimulate the brain’s performance in collecting new vocabulary to be learned so that it is easy to read.

  1. Give Support for Children to Be More Enthusiast

Support from parents is very important, especially after the child has succeeded in doing right on what has been taught. For that, do not forget to give praise so that he is more enthusiast in learning. Support from parents can increase self-confidence in children.

  1. Create a creative and fun ways

Parents who teach the preschooler have to be creative and make it in fun ways. Teaching in a more fun way will make your child more passionate about learning to read and easier to remember what she has been read. The creativity also can be made from several things around. But, if you a parent with full of activity outside, and does not have enough time to made some creative things, do not to be worry, just choose reading head start program; a very fun and creative method to teach reading that suitable for every stage age of children.