Teaching kindergartner to read is not a simple things, but it does not mean difficult. It is commonly known that the golden age occurs at the age of 0-5 years old. At this age, it is very important to start introduce all of good information by reading.

Choosing the right learning method will be able to optimize the kindergartner’s brain growth.

  1. Give More Vocabularies

Vocabulary is very important for children, especially for them who just learn to read. By teaching vocabulary around, it will make easier for children to memorize it. The more vocabularies taught, the easier it will be for children to read.

  1. Learn in a Fun Place

Teaching kindergartner to read must have special techniques. One of them is by inviting kids to interesting places such as in the park. Learning is not only has to be indoors. Every once in a while, parents can invite them to play while learning to read. This method can encourage children’s enthusiasm in learning to read because they have a new place.

  1. Let the kindergartner to tell the stories

As parents who want their kindergartner learn easily to read, it is very important to give them an opportunity to tell about their daily life by writing. After that, ask the child to read what he has written. This method aims to help children absorb various new words from what they get.

  1. Don’t force them

Forcing kindergartner in reading is very annoying. Just persuade the child slowly until the child has his own desire in learning to read. Parents must be more patient when persuading children to learn.

  1. Create a Creative Atmosphere

Teaching reading kindergartner must be different and unique. Try to create a creative atmosphere so that children feel they are not learning. Using more creative ways will help the development of the right brain that will facilitate the child in learning to read.

  1. Make Fun Ways

There are various fun ways in teaching reading children, especially for kindergartner. Kindergartner  will certainly like it in a fun way like a colorful alphabet arrangement. Teaching in a more fun way will make your child more passionate about learning to read and easier to remember what she has been read.

  1. Teaching the General vocabulary around

The easiest way to teach reading to kindergartner is to use what is often seen around them. For example, said Father, Mother, Grandpa, Grandma and the people around. This method is easier to teach because it is often seen and makes it easy for children to remember it. There are also many other things like doors, chairs, windows and so on.

  1. Give a Name to an object

Although this method is a little complicated, but it will make kindergartner easier to memorize. This method can be done by giving names to objects that are around such as shoes, bags, socks, bikes and more. The method can be done using the image written on the bottom. This will make your child easy to memorize. Don’t forget to try it at home.

  1. Read Stories Before Sleep

Reading stories before going to bed have a good effect on improving a child’s memory. When children hear bedtime stories, the brain more easily stimulates the vocabulary that he sleeps with. Children who read the story have the ability to absorb vocabulary faster so that it is easier to learn reading.

  1. Don’t Repeat The Same Word

Sometimes parents teach children in the wrong way, that is by telling children to repeat the words they have read. This kind of repetition will only make children bored. It is better to give examples of other sentences around so that children do not get bored when learning to read.


Support from parents is very important, especially after the child is successful in doing what is taught. For that, don’t forget to give praise so that he is more enthusiastic in learning. Support from parents can increase self-confidence in children.

Reading is a learning process that must be start early. Teaching reading to children is most effective when they are 4-5 years old (kindergarten level) because of their brain are ready to receive some new learning. For this reason it is expected for parents to always have creative ways to teach kindergartner to read. Parents can choose a creative program such as reading head start.