Books are the window of the world. By reading books, all information can be obtained. Reading routinity cannot be missed in our daily life.

We may get information from reading books, computers, worksheets and boards to learn everything, such as math, science, literature, social studies and more. Reading routines can not be separated in our daily lives. People with lack of reading will struggle with their low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy.

If we realize the importance of reading, have we prepared our children as early as possible to love reading? Therefore, parents must motivate children to love reading from an early age. Growing interest to reading in difficult, indeed. But, if it is done in the right way, then everything can be handled smoothly.

In fact, there are two big factors that cause the low enthusiasm and motivation to read.

1. Family environment

It is impossible for a child to grow up with the habit of reading if the family environment never familiarize the reading culture for the family members. This is why as early as possible it is very important to familiarize our children to read so that these characters are embedded until they become adults. Reading activity can be a fun and also a form of recreation that can make us more relaxed.

2. Lack of Literary Facilities

Children do not have reading interest can also be due to the lack of literary facilities. Parents must provide qualified reading books that could make children interest to read.

What Parents must Do to Help Their Children to Read?


Growing reading interest in children depends on how parents educate them in getting used to reading. Children will become accustomed to reading books when their parents also have the same habit of reading books.

As parents, of course it is very nice moment to see children who love to read in their early age. Reading habits can stimulate the child’s brain to be able to accept new things and it will grow the brain optimally. Children who love reading in their childhood are potential to be smart and genius. Through what they have read, they find new vocabulary that has not been known before. Here, they will get a variety of new knowledge. The children will grow up to be smart to communicate.

There are some important factors that parents must know before teaching their kids;

  1. The most important thing that parents must do is giving a pleasant approach so that children have an enjoy reading learning as like an interesting game.
  2. Create a pleasant atmosphere. A pleasant atmosphere can maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the child’s heart when he is reading. For example if a child likes a relaxed and calm atmosphere, then a place to read can be done on a sofa or carpet with a floor pillow.
  3. Let your child knows that you are very happy to read. Reading habits only occur when the environment at home supports it. The child will see and think, reading is the habit of his parents.
  4. As the first step to built reading habits, read stories for your child, let him hear it, be interested, and then be curious about your stories. Read books by expression and changing sounds. Toddlers will enjoy reading. Also invite children to participate by answering questions to make children more interested. Parents may begin the habit of telling stories like folk tales or can also use pictures around the child and their favorite. Do it with full of joy and love, free from compulsion. It will make this activity becomes a pleasant experience among parents and children.
  5. Repeat this routine, even if parents feel sleepy and lazy to read books specifically for toddlers. Repetition is very important to be done at the age of a toddler so that children are able to exercise their memory of basic words before being able to speak.
  6. Remember, the main purpose is to built reading interest in children. Parents have to introduce them to the pleasure of reading, not to force them to teach them to be able to read. It will be very influential in shaping emotional strength. This strength then helps the child to enjoy knowing words, pictures, or writings, while stimulating the growth of his brain.
  7. Various readings can be introduced to children according to their age. Interesting books such as illustrated story books, children’s humor books, reading exercise books, children’s novels, and comics, can be easily purchased at bookstores. Usually, children interest to certain types of books that make them feel at home with their books. Parents must know in advance, so that when buying a book for a child, it is in accordance with her interests. It will raise the child interest to read her favorite book.
  8. When the child is finished reading the book, you can ask the contents to provoke the child’s memory and know the extent to which he likes the book. If the book he read was very interesting, surely he was very enthusiastic to tell the stories.
  9. Giving praise to children. Praise is one positive reinforcement that makes children maintain good behavior. Giving praise to children when they are reading is expected to make them feel happy and strengthen their reading behavior.
  10. Give the gift that keeps them reading. Choose a book as a gift in their special moments.

In teaching children to love reading, parents can take advantage of existing literacy programs, both in the form of books, software, and worksheet to avoid boredom in children learning experience. Parents might choose a program that offering help to raise the children with their reading difficulties. It is created by professional and experienced teacher with a very new and unique learning method in the world. By accessing the online platform, you will learn how to become the ultimate teacher, so that your child can become a star student. It is a new method that’s guaranteed to work for any child at any age. It is the easiest way to raise children with reading difficulties.  If you are interest to this program, you can take Reading Head Start program.